hi, my name is nicole and this is my blog la tiquismiquis.

i am a 24-year old political science and spanish philology student in erlangen, a very small town in bavaria, germany. 

this blog is my fashion diary - i like to write about what is in my head and in my wardrobe. 
actually the "in my head and in my wardrobe thing" is the reason why i started blogging. when you are living in a small town like me sometimes there is nobody who wants to talk 24/7 about clothes, colors, designers and beautiful things with you, no crazy fashion community. more or less you could understand this webpage as  a therapy. what i like most about being part of the bloggosphere? that you get to know a lot of very nice people and that you can talk about the things we love

if you have any questions, you are interested in advertising or let me test your products, you are welcome to email me to latqsm@freenet.de

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  1. I just discovered your blog, I think you have a new reader from Morocco, Just wanna say that your style is amazing, you just remind me of lucie chadwick , one of my biggest icon of fashion, cosy, bohemian, amamzing style. And you are also so beautiful. Ok, shuss now. :D ah, before i forget, I have also a blog, id be happy if you visit it and tell me what do you think.. bises from morocco ! xxxx


I appreciate all your comments, i read every single one. they make my day. <3

you are welcome to follow me with google friend connect or with bloglovin´ . como queráis.
if you have any questions or you just want so say hello, visit me here: http://twitter.com/latiquismiquis

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